A pair of airs

Brian Baxter Music · A pair Of airs TEXT BY BETH ROBERTS A pair of airs For Summer, from Winter A little bird saidyou’re thinking of me.I get wild with torture,poor chickadee. Should I warm to a haloor an angel in the snow?Summertime, I’m afraidI don’t remember how. Here is a snowflakethat looks like a […]

Ho sentito di una terra distante

  TEXTS: LYRICS FROM “HIS MILITARY LIFE” (an imaginary opera created to accompany the novel “Pro Patria” – Bernardino Bernardini, an Italian American Soldier 1915-1919.  Original lyrics by Marcella Mencotti ©2017. Translations edited and revised by: ITALINGUA CHICAGO INC., Elisabetta Di Michele, Cristina Tinnirello “Ho Sentito” – OvertureHo sentito di una terra distanteDove siam’ nati, e […]


Alice: Text by composer and writer, Luke Gullickson. Alice in the canyon And you are in your room One of them is laughing Working at the loom One of them is crying The moon is coming up And darkened sands are filling Her alabaster cup Instrumentation: voice and piano Duration: 2 minutes Date: 2011


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & PURCHASE ON BANDCAMP Program Note: Richie Hofmann’s Old World Elegy was selected by Brian Baxter as the winner of the 2012 Memorious Art Song Contest facilitated collaboratively by Eric Malmquist, director of Singers On New Ground and Rebecca Morgan Frank, Editor-in-Chief of Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction. Baxter’s setting […]


Ars Poetica: Text by Rebecca Morgan Frank, Editor-in-Cheif of Memorious, a journal of new verse and fiction. The oyster doesn’t mourn what is removed, or consider the cause of creation. It just keeps fashioning beauty, conception a mundane task. Invasion, injury transformed in brine, preserved in protein and aragonite layered over time. Instrumentation: voice and […]