Program Note:
Ghost Self is the first of a soon to be six part large scale work entitled Ghost Continent and was inspired by my personal journey of self-discovery. Ghost Continent and Ghost Self come from the pen of American anthropologist, philosopher, and writer Loren Eiseley and refer to his idea that within every human there is a vast ghost continent hidden from view and only warily explored for fear of exposing what has been discovered of one’s ghost self to the ridicule of the outside world.  Each human being has our own ghost self and for me that unknown has been the mystery of where I came from and the story of my adoption.  The deeper you explore your ghost continent the more your ghost self materializes.

You’ll hear two significant musical inspirations in this piece including rhythms borrowed from The Not Knowing, a subtle, understated work for solo percussion composed by my dear friend and consummate musician, Luke Gullickson, as well as melodies, harmonies, and rhythms lifted from J.S. Bach’s inimitable Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major. As you listen you’ll hear these musical influences intertwined with my original work in two layers throughout.  There is a surface level layer and a hidden layer.  The surface level music is relatively straightforward and transparent.  The hidden, rather suppressed portion of the music is mysterious and exotic.  It never supersedes the surface but it never disappears.  The fear of losing this suppressed music is as essential to the sound of the music as my ghost self is essential to the core of my identity.

Instrumentation: 2(II=fl/picc).2.2(II=cl/bcl).2 / / tmp.3perc.hp / strings
Percussion 1: Snare drum, Tambourine, Woodblock, Castanets
Percussion 2: Bass drum, Tam tam
Percussion 3: Marimba

Duration: 9 minutes
Date: 2015