Program Note:
I initially sketched Fountain during the summer of 2008 when I would take frequent trips out to Buckingham Fountain in Chicago’s Grant Park on the lakefront. While sitting near the fountain I was drawn in by the sounds of the water shooting into the sky then falling back onto the fountain as well as the chorus of chirping birds calling to one another in the park. I synthesized these sounds to form this brief burst of shimmering energy inspired by the beauty of this magnificent Chicago landmark.

Fountain was originally written for the Yakima Symphony Orchestra in conjunction with the 2008 Seasons Music Festival.

Instrumentation: 3(III=fl/picc).3.3.3 / / tmp.3perc / strings
Percussion 1: Tam tam, Triangle, Tubular bells
Percussion 2: Snare drum, Wood block
Percussion 3: Crash cymbals, Tenor drum

Duration: 4 minutes
Date: 2008