A pair of airs


A pair of airs

For Summer, from Winter

A little bird said
you’re thinking of me.
I get wild with torture,
poor chickadee.

Should I warm to a halo
or an angel in the snow?
Summertime, I’m afraid
I don’t remember how.

Here is a snowflake
that looks like a lover
swaying in shallows
by the cliff he went over.


For Winter, from Summer

My days are so long, Jack.
I’ll meet anywhere you name.
Meet me in the longest shadow,
I won’t tell anyone you came.

I look for you in dark looks
where crystal eyes could be.
I look for you where love left
and leaves follow me.

I received your snowflake!
It looks like clover turning
in complicated, implicated,
icy rapids, and I’m burning.

Program Note:
A pair of airs was commissioned by Chamber Music Quad Cities and dedicated to the premiere performers Lily Arbisser and Thomas Sauer.

Duration: 6 minutes

Date: 2022